Frequently Asked Questions

Is LungDirect compatible with any EHR?

LungDirect is EHR agnostic and easily integrated into any technical environment.

Do I need to make any upgrades to my EHR for it to become compatible with LungDirect?

The LungDirect team is able to integrate in any environment, which means no upgrades are necessary.

When installing LungDirect – Does the LungDirect team take ownership of working with our IT team to work through the implementation of the product?

LungDirect provides a Project Manager who manages the entire implementation process from Kick-Off to Go-Live. This requires minimal hospital IT resources as the LungDirect team does the majority of the technical implementation.

What is the timeframe for the initial setup of LungDirect?

LungDirect can be deployed and live within 8-weeks from Kick-Off.

After installation, does LungDirect offer any support?

LungDirect provides elbow to elbow support for our Customers. We will respond within two minutes of receiving any issue or question during regular business hours.

How often is LungDirect upgraded? Are there any additional challenges or costs associated with an upgrade?

LungDirect is constantly iterating to improve workflow and add new features for our Customers. There are never any additional charges for upgrades or added features, which are seamlessly rolled out every two – four weeks.

Does using LungDirect cause any “double documentation”?

No, LungDirect substantially reduces duplicative workflow and double documentation by automating registry requirements and maintaining a patient database.

What is the amount of “manual” data entry required in LungDirect?

While some customers have automated all required registry fields and have zero-data entry in LungDirect, it is dependent on the IT infrastructure of each hospital. LungDirect users report spending 5-10 minutes per patient per year versus 1-3 hours per patient per year previously.

How does the ACR/NRDR/LCSR interface with LungDirect function and in what way does it help in keeping the LCSR up to date?

LungDirect only allows for completed records to be submitted to the LCSR. With our proprietary one- click mechanism, all lung screening records are seamlessly submitted to the LCSR via an O-Authorization token.

How does LungDirect identify and flag radiology reports for incidental nodules?

LungDirect utilizes a proprietary dual-mechanism identification process to identify patients with a pulmonary incidentaloma and registers the patient to the LungDirect dashboard for user approval.

Is it easy to print result letters in LungDirect?

Letter population in LungDirect is extremely easy and customizable, personalized letters can be created in seconds. The unlimited letter templates and letter population is available to our Customers at no cost.

How does LungDirect ensure no follow-up exams fall through the cracks?

LungDirect specializes in longitudinal patient tracking and has a built-in recall system for users to monitor upcoming exams for the lung screening and incidentaloma cohorts.

Does LungDirect enhance financial ROI for its Customers?

Yes, LungDirect enhances incidental nodule identification and improves work flow efficiency, which ensures patients receive follow-up treatment and exams.